Cherrypick Games was founded by a team of the games industry veterans, with vast experience in creating and selling games for all leading platforms. Our team shares a passion for games and a commitment to developing products of the highest quality. To produce the best Free2Play games is our mission.

The first title produced by us, Touchdown Hero, has been downloaded more than 3.3 million times and has proven to be a hit among players. Our other well-known productions include Auctioneer, with 1.8 million downloads in the first week of release, and Must Deliver, which has so far been downloaded 1.6 million times. Since 2014, Cherrypick Games has published 16 titles for mobile, and more are still to come. Our largest title, My Hospital, took the global market by storm and has gained 7.7 million users since its premiere at the end of January 2017. The total number of Cherrypick Games downloads is in excess of 20 million, and that’s just the beginning!

Our mission is to create the highest quality games, ideally suited to player’s needs and maintaining an easy and accessible style. Our goal is to become an internationally renowned publisher. We aim to produce the highest quality products, packed with the latest monetization techniques and player engagement.